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Acrylic Double Sided Tape

Acrylic Double Sided Tape is using PET (polyester) film as backing material and coated with acrylic adhesive.

  • Color: Clear | Transparent
  • Thickness(mm):0.03 | 0.05 | 0.1 | 0.15 | 0.2
  • Width: Cutting any width
  • Length: 50m | 100m | 200m | Customized
  • Adhesive side: Double-sided
  • Adhesive: Acrylic
  • Backing: PET
  • Liner: Red film | Yellow paper | White paper
  • Die-cutting: Any shape and any size
  • Samples: Free samples
Data Sheet

Acrylic Double Sided Tape Data Sheet

Tape No.S07-03S07-05S07-10S07-15S07-20
Total Thickness (mm)
Adhesion to Steel (N/25mm) GB/T2792-19981012141618
Liner ColorRed & Yellow & WhiteRed & Yellow & WhiteRed & Yellow & WhiteRed & Yellow & WhiteRed & Yellow & White
Resist Temperature -20℃~100℃-20℃~100℃-20℃~100℃-20℃~100℃-20℃~100℃
Shelf life12Month12Month12Month12Month12Month
Solvent resistanceGoodGoodGoodGoodGood

Acrylic Double Sided Tape Features

  • Excellent initial tack, immediate usability right after assembly.
  • Strong and stable adhesion.
  • Reliable bond for many materials, even to LSE substrates.
  • Superior converting performance due to strong PET backing and reduced adhesive mass flow.
  • High temperature/low-temperature resistance.
  • Good fatigue resistance.

Acrylic Double Sided Tape Applications

  • Widely used for 3d card making.
  • Mounting of decorative profiles and moldings in the furniture industry.
  • Battery gasket fixing, battery shell fixing.
  • Mounting ABS plastic parts in the car industry.
  • Widely used in the digital industry.
  • Widely used on various electronics.
  • Mounting lenses to mobile phone housings.

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